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Updated October 04, 1999

Larry Dean Hunter 1998/99



UPDATES:          See   #3. Hall of Osiris page 3



3.  HALL OF OSIRIS     NEW! Page 3 of the story is now re-posted

4.  Links to my US Patent,  # 4 509 501  A Solar Energy Collection System:



5Peer Review  Written by Randy Koppang  


6.  New Links to information regarding my research and background:

Orion Pyramid Theory,


Secret Tunneling inside the Great Pyramid,


Dispelling  rumors about the Hall of Records,



7.  New       Jeff Rense  Sightings      Radio Shows:

My thanks to Jeff Rense for making this possible and putting me and my experiences and theories on the record.

Jeff Rense Sightings  April 15, 1998 - Larry Hunter New Pyramid Revelations.  Interview with Larry just after the release of the Dr. Hawass Suspension News Flash and prior to the release of Larry's The Hall of Osiris story; three weeks after his return from Egypt and his first face to face meeting with Daryl Evans/AKA Amargi Hillier.  A must for those who didn't get to read the 1st attempt by Larry of posting his story on the World Wide Web.  This 2 hour interview with Jeff will give you a peek into the rewrite of The Hall of Osiris story.  Start at the beginning of the 2nd hour of Jeff's three hour broadcast and continue until the end of his show.  Link to the below URL, after the connection is made, scroll down to the April 15th show and click on Larry Hunter New Pyramid Revelations and enjoy. 

Jeff Rense Sightings  April 19, 1998 - Larry Hunter More News on Giza Plateau.  Three hour broadcast, taking the listener into the past in the first hour, present the 2nd hour and future the final hour.  A lot of words and stories Larry is currently posting to his web site; while waiting on Larry, go and listen to these Jeff Rense radio shows.  We think you will enjoy them as much as Larry did talking with Jeff and being allowed to think out loud.  Link to the below URL, after the connection is made, scroll down to the April 19th show and click on Larry Hunter More News on Giza Plateau   for his 2nd interview with Jeff and enjoy.


8.  Under construction.. New  Photo tour of Egypt, what's really going         on.!

Not just any tour.  My tours will reveal details and new insights on what is really going on in Egypt... Please enjoy the photos.  Email me your comments on how to improve the concept of these photo tours and what you think after taking it..  Thanking you in advance.  Larry D. Hunter.  PS  Enjoy the tour.  Secret Tunneling Tour     Link to the comments!




Dear Readers,

Finally after years of trying to find someone to help me tell my story the way it must be told, I now realize that I must tell my story and the stories of the modern pyramid workers myself.  My stories and experiences were being altered, sabotaged and plagiarized by others, some even turning on me and now out to do me personal harm.   I had to do something, so! 

I paid the fees to get a www domain name and a service provider then purchased a web site building program.  Now I am ready, not proficient, but capable of getting my truths out without the above fears. 

Now I am able to defend myself with my own words, pictures, and evidence.  I will ask questions that no one else is asking and present evidence that no one else has relating to Egypt and her secrets.  I am a humble person and a servant to truth and God, a witness - one who is willing to stand up and be counted as one who gives all praise to God for truly these are his gifts to mankind if we can only see their grander purpose. 

May this site enlighten you to a world not seen by many.  The world of humanities forgotten ancestors of the most ancient of times, which were buried with their sciences and the monolithic edifices they had rendered in stone; all buried by the effects of a cataclysmic event that happened so long ago it is just a myth in our memories today.  This event was so severe that it wiped out 70 to 90% of the life on this planet and knocked the Earth out of its orbital constants.  I will be posting information and questions on my web site that I have accumulated over the last 19 years and 23 trips to Egypt as it relates to the above and more.

Larry Dean Hunter



1.  I want to start with the discovery of the Secret Room I discovered in June of 1979 inside the Great Pyramid and reveal some of the details relating to it that I have accumulated over the years.


Great Pyramid 1.JPG (35209 bytes) November 23, 1998     I would like to introduce a document to the readers as a reference point in time, of official actions taken by me to make known a Secret Room inside of the Great Pyramid to Antiquity Officials on November 6, 1988. I am introducing this document to the public as evidence for everyone to see relating to its discovery by me.

The Great Pyramid looking at the SE. corner

With a few changes to spelling, the document is identical to the one I submitted to Dr. Zahi Hawass and others on Nov. 6, 1988.  The following is an excerpt from the full document.  To read the entire document click on the picture of the Great Pyramid above.

Secret room 1.JPG (33243 bytes)Pyramid  Sun Power

Los Angeles, California 90032
213 223 0198

From: Mr. Larry D. Hunter                              November 6, 1988

To: Whom it may concern,

I Larry Dean Hunter, am ready to reveal the location of a previously unknown and currently unopened chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza to any responsible Antiquities Authority.

I have know about this chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza since June 22, 1979 and have kept silent about it for nine years and five months.  I have recently decided to make this chamber and its location known to the Antiquities Department of Egypt, for I feel that the time has come to open it.
This previously unknown and unopened chamber is located in the lower part of the Great Pyramid.  Located at the end of the Dead End Passage approximately fifty two feet from the entrance of this passage south of the Subterranean Chamber.  (End of cut from Full Document submitted to Antiquity Authorities.)


Also, I feel that because of the timing of Dr. Hawass statements regarding the possibility of there being a Secret Chamber inside the Great Pyramid and that it would not be opened until after the 1999/2000 ceremonies now scheduled, combined with his statement of wanting to close the inside of the Great Pyramid to the public/tourist forever, I should shed some light on the prior knowledge of the existence of a Secret Chamber I found and revealed to this same individual, that wants to close the Great Pyramid, Dr. Zahi Hawass and two other important witnesses or individuals.

The following disclosure was a confidential report written by my own hand while I was in Egypt in 1988 as per Dr. Zahi Hawasss' instructions to me.  After writing the document and submitting it to his office, I was instructed to take a copy of it to the Minister of Culture Farouk Hosney and leave a copy with the head of the Tourist Police Office there at the Great Pyramid.  I complied with the orders and delivered all three copies, myself, to the locations I was instructed to on November 6, 1988.

I want to make it clear here, that I am not violating the confidentiality of the report by putting it in the public first. During a trip to Egypt in 1989 I got involved with a story regarding sabotage against the Sphinxes' right shoulder, the felling of a 700lb stone that occurred in February 1988.  Dr. Hawass, during the public outrage relating to the accusations being raised against him regarding his involvement in the sabotage, made a public disclosure to the Egyptian press that I made the story of the sabotage against the Sphinx shoulder stone falling up, because he wouldn't let me open a Secret Chamber in the bottom of the Great Pyramid I had revealed to him. Dr. Hawass at that moment broke the confidentiality of my disclosure of this Secret Room by revealing it and its location to the Egyptian Press.  This discovery is already been published in Egyptian News papers.

So in all fairness I am now free to talk about its details without violating confidentiality with the Egyptian Antiquities Authority. Thank you Dr. Hawass because I don't want to be accused of violating confidentiality like Rudolf Gantenbrink was relating to his public disclosure of there being a Secret Chamber in the bottom of the Great Pyramid in April of 1993, a story he has not been allowed to tell.

Mind you it was the same chamber found by me in 1979 that he and others were trying to lay claim to and I feel that the shaft door fiasco was a front for claiming the discovery of my Secret Room which lies on the other side of a little round hole looking out of the small room on the other side of Gantenbrinks door in the southern shaft off of the Queens Chamber. Only Gantenbrink and the Antiquities Officials with him made a claim of finding a secret room in the bottom of the Great Pyramid with the Giza State Police, were asked by the Giza State Police if this discovery of his was the same one reported by Larry Hunter  in 1988 to the Antiquities Authorities and reported in the Egyptian News papers in 1989 by Dr. Zahi Hawass himself.  Doesn't anyone think it is odd  when we hear the story about the Egyptians stopping Gantenbrink from revealing information about his claim of a Secret Chamber found in bottom of the Great Pyramid in April.  Maybe they let him talk about his robot, the Queens airshaft door and that was it. The Egyptians stopped him from talking.  Could there be more here?

This is not the complete story of the Secret Chamber Story to come, not by any means. This is just a posting that is relevant to current issues coming out of Egypt relating to the Great Pyramid and its secrets. These things come up and I wanted to be timely with information vital to your true understanding of what is really going on in Egypt.



2.  Here I will be talking about the location of the "Hall of Records/Temple of the Great Pyramid" that I discovered during my 2nd trip to Egypt in 1981 and the ensuing details of my efforts to make its' location known to the world.


Posted Dec. 15, 1998



   hor 3.jpg (47103 bytes)        hor 5.jpg (15736 bytes) 

    a. Sphinx and Hall of Records                                                                                   b. Hall of Records 

Hor 1.JPG (13700 bytes)


Can you figure out in picture (c) where the Hall of Records is located?                   



3.  Link to my US Patent #4 509 501 that utilizes the geometry expressed in the Great Pyramid as the primary controller of light in a solar energy collecting system, this is a worthy topic for the advanced physicists or anyone looking for the answer to alternative energy.


To view a copy of the Patent listed above, please link to the following. You should be able to view all 20 pages of the Patent, drawings and claims. 



4.  Is anyone interested in the Orion Pyramid theory?  Did I match the stars of the Orion Constellation to their terrestrial counterparts, including the head and nebulas M42 and M43?  What is geoastroarcheology?  Are there subterranean tunnels connecting each part of the terrestrial Orion with the "Hall of Osiris/secret room" deep down inside the Great Pyramid?  Was the body of Osiris found inside the "Great Pyramid" and possibly removed by antiquity officials recently? 


Here is a link to The American Anthropological Research Foundation, and an article written by one of my associates, Mike Arbuthnot regarding research I did in Egypt relating to the Orion Pyramid theory.  It is the forerunner of the Booklet, "Project Gate way to Orion"  written by Mike and Myself.  My thanks to Robert W. Morgan and AARF for helping me in the early stages of my struggles to make this research public and dated.

The AARF Egyptian Expedition

AARF member Larry Hunter returns from Egypt with Richard C. Hoagland.  More info at The Enterprise Mission web site!

NOTICE: AARF is currently seeking corporate or private sponsorship through donations to Egyptologist Larry Hunter and anthropologist Michael Arbuthnot's effort to penetrate the remaining mysteries of the Great Pyramids of Egypt.  By way of introduction into their rather innovative and potentially landmark research, we will regularly include selections from their series of articles following publication in the AARF Journal, For Seekers Only.


by Michael Arbuthnot, AARF Associate Field Researcher As published in For Seekers Only Volume 1.2, June, 1997
:        http://www.cannet.com/~aarf/projects.htm#egypt1


wpe1.jpg (38623 bytes)wpe1.jpg (72198 bytes)

Orion Constellation both Celestial and Terrestrial

5.  Want to hear the details of discovery relating to the secrets possessed by the modern pyramid workers; such as 30 x 30 foot tunnel-roadway over 400 feet down, which goes miles in various directions under the Giza Plateau and beyond plus the secrets of many more digs done in the area, results of which were never reported to the public?


6.  Sabotage against the Sphinx right shoulder in February 1988 as written by the Egyptian press in 1989 of interest to anyone?  How did the 700lb stone really fall?   Was there an obstruction of justice involved to hide the truth?  What does this fallen stone from the shoulder of the Sphinx  have to do with Dr. Hawass? 


7.  Was there a theft of items taken from the Secret Room/"Hall of Osiris" inside the Great Pyramid that would make you want to know how it was done and what happened to the items and people involved?  Also, were three statues taken from the third pyramid and wrapped in blankets and whisked away in a private car by famous Archeologists who broke through the floor to enter the tomb and then later cement over the hole hiding the chamber which still contains a Stele? 


8.  Is secret tunneling going on inside the Great Pyramid above the "Kings Chamber", in the "Queens Chamber" and just west of the "anti chamber"?  What do the people of the village of Nazlet El Samman think and know about these things?


AARF member Larry Hunter returns from Egypt with Richard C. Hoagland.   Info at The Enterprise Mission web site! 


A Photo Tour with Larry Hunter on June 17, 1997 to the Great Pyramid. (under construction)

    Secret Tunneling Tour   Link to comments of the Tour


I want to thank all the people that have helped me get to this moment of being able to continue revealing my discoveries.  Love and Light to all of you.  

Again, welcome!  And as you can see there is going to be a lot of interesting subjects and details revealed on this web site.   You can contact me through my personal email at,  Larry@larryhunter.com, with your suggestions and comments.


Larry Dean Hunter 


This web site is dedicated to the people of Egypt.